Count the Stars


Tonight I tried something I have only read about…I tried to count the stars. Literally, as I laid down in the back of my pick-up truck while Delilah, my coonhound ran around the yard for her daily exercise, and I tried to count the stars. As I got into the mid 50s I simply gave up. Well, sort of that is. I gave up counting, but not reflecting. I began to think to myself that throughout all of time, these stars have been a constant in the life of human life. I began to realize that these stars have been around during the times of father Abraham and Sarah, Moses, David and Solomon. They were here throughout the prophets of Jeremiah and Micah, and John and Jesus. They have been burning throughout all of the history of the Church and the desert fathers and mothers. Christian, Jew, Muslim, Atheist, Buddhist, and Hindu alike have lived under these stars. How vast they are, how many and great they are too many to count. It reminds me of Psalm 139 in speaking of how much greater is God’s knowledge than ours, too great for us to even comprehend. The vastness of time and space that these stars have numbered is simply astounding. And then the God’s 4×4 hit me…the vastness of space, all the stars in the world could not ever compare to the love God has for us. It is too great to comprehend! It reminds me of a hymn my dear spiritual friend revealed to me this morning…

May we continue to reach for God as our faith seeks understanding of our God, our Maker, our Creator, our Redeemer, our Sustainer, our Master, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of the ages, the one who placed those stars and showed us true love, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Lord our God is One!

2 thoughts on “Count the Stars

  1. Thank you for the lovely reminder of how much our heavenly Father loves us. Sometimes it’s very hard to comprehend the love He has for us. There are days I cannot believe He could love someone like me……..then I pray for faith and belief that He does. I needed to read something like this tonight. May God continue to bless you Joshua. Love you, Mom

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