Paul… and the Sons of Anarchy?, although I hate to admit it because of it’s violence, I have been watching a television series called “Sons of Anarchy”. It is a series about a Motorcycle Club and the lives that they live. It is full of gun trading, sex, and drugs. Last night though, as I watched the end of the the last episode in season 2, it ended with a man a part of the IRA (Irish ????? Army) taking off with Jax Teller’s (the VP of the club) young son (infant). The show closes with him and his brothers of SOA around him on a dock as he screams for his child that was just abducted by speedboat.


I went to bed last night with that horror on my mind. I, like so many, desire to live in a dream world where these television series only happen on tv. I want to believe that there is no truth to this in real life. But that is not the case. And if that is not the case, then there are real people that are real deep in hurt and in sin. There are people who through violence cause others real pain and hurt by murdering parents of children, by taking the life of a spouse. I suppose I could even write this post in relation to the chemical attacks of Syria from last week. And it is in this reality that I think, how could God ever love these men/women that are so filled with evil. And yet, we have a real life example of such a person in the scriptures named Saul. You know the story of Saul’s road to Damascus and how Jesus revealed himself to him. Later he went by the name of Paul to all the early churches. We often in church remember Paul to be a murderer of Christians, but it wasn’t until last night did I truly ponder the full extent of what Saul had done. Not only did he kill Christians, but he made widowers and orphans. He took the lives of fathers and mothers, aunts and uncles. I must presume the Christians that he had killed had families attached to them. He took away the life of those who were to care for young children and possibly infants. Saul was no better than this man of the IRA abducting the infant son of Jax Teller.

And this is where Saul intersects the television series Sons of Anarchy. Even though we turned our backs on God and sinned greatly against God, there is NOTHING that can keep us from the love of God. There is no sin too great. And praise God for real life examples like Paul who shared his testimony boldly of both his life before and after Christ became present to him and his life. We as Christians MUST hold onto the hope that no one is ever too far for God to reach. And as we look out into the hurting world around us, may we be so bold to claim the good news of Jesus Christ, that God loved us so much, he would send his Son to die for a wretch like me, like Saul, like these characters full of evil and hate of the SOA.

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  1. josh this is steve I know I don’t repley much but I also watch this show talk to you later

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