Red Valley UMC

Welcome to my Blog if this is the first time you are visiting! As your new pastor of Red Valley UMC, I am looking forward to leading here in this ministry and am excited about meeting the many new brothers and sisters in Christ! I hope that you get a chance to look around on this site as it will continue to develop as we journey together in ministry. Currently, I will be placing my sermon texts, other inspirational messages/articles, and our Church Calendar on this Blog site. I hope that you will find this information helpful and also spiritually filling. If you have any suggestions or comments about this site, please e-mail them to me as I am looking forward to working to benefit this community. Also, if you have ideas, questions, or just something you would like me to preach/teach about I am going to encourage you to send them my way or request a time to sit down at the office to discuss them! Again, Greetings in the name of our LORD and savior Jesus Christ and may we continue to serve him as we trust in His wonderful grace!

                                                                                      Grace and Peace,

                                                                                       Rev. Joshua King

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