Twitter and My Recent "Lack" of Sermons

So, it is 12:38 on April Fool’s day, but this post is no joke. I have not posted a sermon in a while as some of you may have noticed. I wanted to explain myself for those who may be wondering if Pastor King has fallen off the face of the earth? No, I am still here and very much alive. Due to the series of sermons I have been doing: a series that is based from Rev. Adam Hamilton’s “24 Hours that Changed the World”, I decided to not post my sermons as they use material that is pertaining to his intellectual property. Yes, it would be just as easy for me to quote what I use, or give credit to his thoughts, but I believe ethically one should buy his book for his material. A very good buy I must say so myself. So, if you have not been receiving my sermons, this is perhaps why.

Now onto the Twitter portion of this post. Yes, I have fallen to the dark realms of the Twitter land. I have been signed up for a couple years now, but am actively trying to become better at tweeting. If you would like to follow me there as well, look for me @RevJoshuaKing. I do hope you may realize that I truly have not fallen from the face of the earth and look forward to posting here more regularly upon graduation from Eastern Mennonite Seminary April 30th. Huh, I suppose I can now say I graduate this month.

Blessings to you!

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