Today I was trained in a marriage preparedness/enrichment tool. As I reflect on this training it reminds me of the importance of those relationships that we hold in our inner most circles. This training was very informative and I believe will be very helpful in the future as I minister with couples who are eager to enter into marriage, but also as I minister with couples that have been married for many years. I certainly know that I have not been the perfect spouse, but who honestly could say that they have. This is the very heart and point of those who have been married to enter into this assessment tool. Have you ever wished there was an objective tool/assessment that could help point out to you both you and your spouse of areas that would bring you two into a more balanced relationship. Something that would mean your safe place, your place of comfort could be with someone with you have valued enough to enter into this life long covenant with. I earnestly do believe that if this assessment is done with the level of integrity that it was presented with, these are very well the results you may see. Now I may need to say you will not leave the day you get your results with all the right answers, but what I do think is that you may leave with a better knowledge of areas you and your spouse could grow in to create the wholeness of a relationship God intends for us to live in. AND for those of us who are entering marriage for the very first time, to have a tool and facilitator to help broach the tough subjects, or may be even subjects we haven’t thought about before. This is the very important necessity in having a such of time as engagement, it is to engage one another in conversation about what the future holds between the two of you. This assessment is not about bringing out problem areas, but more so to see how the couple is so very different and how those differences may begin to compliment one another in this wonderful aspect of life we call marriage. What a great thing it is that we, humanity, have been given the know how to create such assessments to continue to learn how to live with one another in healthy ways.

If you are interested more in Prepare/Enrich please see them at their website

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