A Hymn of Praise for Creation of Life (Past, Present, Future)

Sing aloud, All People!
Extol the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth,
Extol the Lord who created and called it good.
Praise God all the day long!
Give honor to him in the sunrise,
Give honor to him in the sunset.

Sea of Galilee

Praise the Lord!

For it was by his proclamation we have the sun,
His utterance that created the stars
He spoke and formed the mountains and hills,
It was by his command we have the seas
It was He who formed the wild beasts,
And He who shaped the sea creatures!
From God’s own image He created humankind
With His very breath He breathed life into being

Each and every second of Life given to us,
Has been given by our Creator!
His creation is present and with us
He continues to create in amazing ways
By His spirit He creates relationship
Wholeness in his people

He will continue to create
A new Heaven and new Earth
He will create a future
With Emmanuel central to all of life
A life that does not end in death,
But a life with life never-ending in His Glory!

Rejoice in the Lord always!
Praise God all you who have life!
Lift up the God who has created,
Lift up the Maker of Life!

Words and Photo by: Pastor Joshua King

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