Reflection on the Resurrection of Christ and the Church

I would first like to say that this short reflection is merely just that, a short reflection. It is not a researched term paper, just some thoughts to provoke conversation and get them from my head to paper.

Ever since I have come into a leadership position of the Church, I have heard time and time again that the old way of church is dying out, and therefore the future of the church is at stake. Yes I may be over emphasizing this a little bit, but I am pretty sure that this is not strikingly new news. As I reflect on the Resurrection of the Christ, I begin to ask myself…or better I begin to have the desire to ask others, “Do you truly believe in the Resurrection of the Messiah, Jesus?” If the answer is yes, then I begin to wonder how it is that we have come from believing in the miraculous event of the resurrection of a fully dead Christ, to a true and CURRENTLY alive Christ, to the worrying about the future of the Church in which this same fully alive Christ is the head of?

He is Not Here - For He is Risen

Taken in the Garden Tomb ~ Israel

How did we first get the point of having a Resurrected Christ? Well, first, Christ had to be put to death. Jesus went to his death because he was willing to go and follow the will of God to even death’s door. Christ’s miraculous Resurrection would not be known or celebrated if he did not first go to his death. His Resurrection did not just occur from nothing, but instead Christ initiated the chain reaction of events by being willing to be led by God’s will to the cross.

Therefore, We, like Christ, cannot simply expect the church to be the Church from nothing. We as the body of Christ must initiate the events of growth by confidently claiming the name God has given to us, his children. By being his children, we then must act like we are the children of God and quit acting like worldly children, bickering amongst each other, but instead loving one another as Christ first loved us. The Church is not in fear of dying because the Spirit of God has left, but instead the only thing that is harming the body of Christ, is the body of Christ not taking up the responsibility of the Body. As Christ initiated the chain of events to give us the foundational sign of the Christian faith: the Resurrection, so too we must take action and be willing to do all that is in us to be the Body of Christ, even giving up our own lives, to show Christ to the world.


I hope that this reflection is though provoking, and please if you see something that you believe needs further reflection, or is plain errant, let me know so that I too may continue to grow and mature as I actively seek God.

One thought on “Reflection on the Resurrection of Christ and the Church

  1. I would have to reread but God’s activity in the writing of the Book of Revelation give us some preamble to discussion of the future. I don’t feel that we should be worldly or worried about the future but to speculate and perhaps discuss Revelation more fully and more often.

    I think that the Resurrection should be explored more and with indications of how the Church should prepare for what is to come in Revelation.

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