Lamentations 3:27,28 “It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth.  Let him sit alone in silence when he has laid it on him” (RSV)

So over the past 2 days I have been Oh so very busy. My wife and I woke up at 5:30 AM on Saturday Morning. We got ourselves ready for what we knew was going to be a very long and trying weekend. Non the less, we got up and were excited about the weekend ahead of us. We got ourselves ready, took care of all of the animals in our house (dog, ferret, snake, two rats, two mice, and let’s not forget the beta fish that is more of decoration than a pet). We also packed for a night just on the mere chance we may find somewhere closer to church to stay. Finally we are on the road to go to Roanoke at 6:30 AM to get there by 8:30 Am for the Bible Bee pre meeting. After a very long and tiring day of 8 hours of working the Roanoke Valley Bible Bee, Jackie and I make our way over to Roanoke Memorial Hospital to visit a beloved congregant from one of my churches. The visitation was absolutely wonderful and had a great time visiting. After that we went out to eat with some friends in Roanoke since we hardly make it that far south. It is now about 8 PM and we are finally on our way back up to Lexington, thankfully our prayers were answered and a parishioner allowed us to stay with them. The bed was so comfortable, and it was great to rest our tired eyes. Two hours go by, I wake up. I believe that I must of woken up simply because of the stress and additionally was in a new place. I was able to go back to sleep but woke about every 2 hours until finally at 7:30 our alarm was going off. Refreshed and ready to go for day 2, got up and was ready for church. Lead my normal circuit of three worship services, but today we had two services of offering the sacrament of Communion. It was a refreshing and motivating time to be able to by in communion with the Lord. Just wasn’t long enough I suppose…Anyways, after our third service we rushed back over to the middle church for a luncheon that began around 1. Arriving just a little late, said the blessing and had enough time to enjoy some great conversation and have a bit to eat. Then, as usual for myself and Jackie we were back out on the road just as soon as we had gotten there. We were off to Covington, VA for our district conference which began at three and was an hour away. Drove there and thankfully did not have too much difficulty finding the church made our way into another worship service, which additionally was our business meeting. Once this meeting was over, we had a time of a bit of mission work that I had must have missed when reading my e-mail for this conference. Jackie and I of happily attended and was astounded to process so much food that was being sent overseas to hungry children. In a mere 45 minutes the Staunton District UMC was able to push out 10,002 meals to these children. It was a great time of gathering, but again very energy consuming. Afterwards, Jackie and I drove on into Covington, one of a few of my home towns. I hadn’t been there for 13 years and that means a lot when you are only 23. It brought so many memories from childhood that I had not thought about in a VERY long time. It was a great trip down memory lane while being able to show Jackie a piece of my life she had not seen before. Jackie and I finally were on our way home. After a 2 hour drive we made it back to our cozy townhouse at 7:30 PM. Jackie and I exhausted dropped everything as we entered the door and began to take a load off. As we were watching TV I had become irritant and I just couldn’t put a finger on what it was I wanted. I thought maybe I am hungry, so I went to the kitchen and found nothing. So then, I thought to myself maybe I just need a good phone call to a friend. I did that, and still no success. Finally, I thought, maybe just maybe I could use a warm bath. I drew the water and while I was taking my bath I had a brilliant idea come to mind. I leaned back, put my head under the water just so my ears were completely submersed and I listened. Guess what I heard…Nothing. I am an extreme extrovert and I live off relationships and listening and talking to people. But the one thing that I needed was simply silence.

One thought on “Silence

  1. Wow. I liked this. Sometimes all we do need is silence. I too live off of relationship. But guess what Joshua? God has me in a place where I talk to Him more than anyone right now. Relationships in my life disappeared rather quickly in the past two years. It’s been an interesting time learning to be “alone with Him” and listening to Him for advice and not expending so much energy. Slow down my son, and enjoy your journey. Truly live it each day not just get through it.
    love you,

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