So it has been a long time since I have posted on here. A lot certainly has happened over this past year at my three churches. I remember it was just about a year ago now that I was planning for my first service. I remember that I was very nervous and was not sure quite what to expect. After the very first service I thought to myself, Wow this is a lot harder than my father had always made it look.

Since then, this year has brought a lot of joy and also some hardships. I was married, started seminary, totaled a car, preached roughly 147 sermons over 49 weeks, and been to Israel. Married Life has been a lot of fun. Our first year is obviously not over yet, but it seems that we have been married forever. Jackie certainly has had a lot of patience with me this year as I have been doing so many other things in order to support us. Seminary has been a blessing in dsiquise. At first I wondered if this was the right place for me, but as time went on and as I am anticipating the start of my second year, I look forward to seeing what more I will gain to enhance the ministry that God has called me to. This first year as a Pastor certainly has been a blessing and look forward to many more years to come. I hope as time goes on I will be more available to post on this blog. Oh, and this past week was my first week as Day Camp Director at Camp Overlook in Keezletown, VA. This past week was training for my CITs and we had an exhausting week, but I feel that we are ready for a spirit filled summer as campers come to learn more about the Fruits of the Spirit. As you may see, if you know who I am, I have not changed and am still busier than ever and still full of life with God as my guide.

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