Wow God is Good

So I just came home from Church and am sitting here in my apartment. I look out the window and see the beauty of the leaves changing and it is amazing to think about how the biology of it works. How when the cold comes in, the trees just seem to know that it is time to lose it’s leaves to keep from wasting water. (at least I think this is why they do this). But to think about how much thought God took in his creation to make it all work together. Then to create something that has the ability to reason and learn from mistakes, WOW God is good. I mean we look at the things we have invented and think man, that so in so is a genius to think of doing it that way. But then we look at how God takes and creates gravity and the weather systems, I began to think wow, God is a genius, but of course he is. However I feel there are times when we really take the time to try to understand just how much he paid attention to the details and yet we always try to look at the big pictures. All I can say, Wow GOD IS GOOD!

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