Wow! It has been quite sometime since I have been able to write on here. Well I just go back from the Virginia United Methodist Annual Conference and it was a great conference. At conference we learned all about youth’s and young adults and ways in which to reach out to them. We learned some common myths and great ways to prepare our churches for the Church that through the Holy Spirit, Christ our Lord is building. We saw some pretty sad statistics in some of these presentations, but heard wonderful things from the youth delegation that was present at conference. So, as you know I have been working on becoming licensed and went through the beginning phases of what it is going to take to become an ordained elder. I am officially licensed and what an experience it was. It really made me open my eyes and feel loved and God gave me a grace of knowing that he is with me in this calling. It was an amazing feeling that is hard to describe, as it usually is when the Holy Spirit works. I just want everyone who is reading this to take a moment to pray for all of those that are going into the ministry and pray that the Spirit will move them to do wonderful things in Christ’s Church. I also want you then to take another moment to remember all of those that are already in ministry and pray for a renewing of commitment to the Church, and lastly pray a prayer of thanksgiving for all of those that retired from being a pastor in the local church. Remember, God does call anyone of any age and if you ever have the feeling of being called into ministry, DO NOT be afraid to talk to your pastor about this calling and he/she will help you discern that call more. Amen

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