First Day of Licensing School

Today was the first day of licensing school and the entire day was focused around the art of worship. There were many lessons in educating the parishes and our new flocks on the reasoning we may do something in the worship service and communicating with the laity as to what they may want to see in worship. There seems to be a push for beginning to partake in Holy Communion every time that we come together instead of just the beginning of each month. I feel that there are many great ideas and a lot of substance that is coming at me in this first day and that it feels like it may take years to fully understand everything coming at me. I do know that I will leave here more equipped to act in the pastoral role than when I came and that means that they are doing their job effectively training future pastors. However, I also know that I am going to come away here with even more questions and more exhausted than when i embarked on coming to licensing school. I think that may be the way with licensing school as well as it may be when I go to seminary. It’s funny because we think we get education to answer questions and yet I feel we just make up more. I don’t know, but I do know that the information is truly the meat that I have been looking for and it definitely will take me some time to chew on this and swallow. Thanks be to God for all that he has done and that he is doing and that he will do. Amen.

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