Joys in Life

So I have been trying to think everyday of living for the day and being thankful in the ministries that are going on right now in my life. I see God working in my life most recently with writing the sermon on rest and refuge and really doing what it says. Truly going to God to seek rest and comfort. I feel that I have seen and been more open to opportunities of talking to friends about God and his love for us. I have had a few chances this week to spark some conversations that were not harvesting conversations, but non the less were planting conversations. The 40 day reading I spoke about before that is linked in my link section has also been a wonderful contribution to filling me spiritually again. I look forward to reading those passages and today Jackie joined me. However the speaker today was using bigger words than what we felt was appropriate for a public devotion, but we were able to look those words up and have a broader knowledge of a few more words. ANYWAYS, I am just so thankful for the path that God is leading me down and am thankful that I can see him walking beside me clearer and clearer each day I spend more time with him. It is like this picture I have posted, the longer you spend time looking at it, the clearer you see Jesus. Then you if you leave for a while (Which we all hope we don’t), the next time you come back you will be able to recognize him sooner. Thank you Lord Jesus, Amen.

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