I sit here at Sweet Briar College while my Fiancee is off at a gathering with her friends. I have been working on a sermon for the past few hours and my energy level has gone down to something of exhaustion. I feel refreshed in my spirit while searching through the Bible for verses for support of my sermon, but now I have become something of physically tired. I find it funny to be so full of energy spiritually but at the same time so tired physically. I suppose I could rest or take a nap, but I felt writing on my blog would somehow be more appropriate. I am quite relieved that I have finished school, but now I see the tasks that I have in front of me and they are a bit overwhelming. And of course one of the verses that I was to write my sermon on is a verse that I have had written on my desktop all through the last two years of school. Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and i will give you rest.” I do not find it coincidental that of all the verses I could have been writing my sermon on, it was this verse that I was to write about. I found it difficult to write the sermon, but at the same time it reminded myself that I too am suppose to call upon my Lord for rest and for comfort. I feel relieved of some stresses and yet others of course because of my stubbornness to give them up are still with me. I pray and hope and know that Jesus is walking along side me and will hold me when I feel that I want to or am falling. It is with this that I am going to end this post and pray that you too when you feel overcome with burdens and feel like the yoke that is on you is too much for you to bear, that you turn to Christ and ask him for his help and for his guidance. Amen.

One thought on “Tiredness

  1. I Know i am log in as you right now but i understand fully what you feel like. i too feel that we together have a long road to hoe as my dad would say and it is very tiresome and sometimes for me a little scary. but i always know you will be right beside me and we have such a loving father that will never let us take on things we couldn’t handle so just for the record (every thing’s going to be alright).

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